1. The vile cunt is whispering again
    things I don’t want to hear
    making my heart hurt
    playing on my fears.

    She knows that I’m alone again
    tough decisions to be made.
    Reminding me that fate cares little
    for my wants or needs.

    She keeps the salve of sleep
    just out of reach
    The weather plays into her games
    dreary, dark & bleak.

    I know she is a lying bitch
    things will be alright
    Except that she is often right
    and loudest just before my downfall.

  2. After a long session - raw


  3. The waiting place

    I’ve noticed that you are not as content as you were
    Dark thoughts have returned again
    The little things that have slipped
    Into conversation
    Gives me hope that you can love again

    I know that I am not the one
    Who stirs your heart
    And calms your fears
    I am the waiting place
    The safe haven you needed
    Giving you time to heal

    The hardest part is living in the moment
    Knowing you are soon to be gone
    Reminding myself that I was never meant to be more
    Than your waiting place

    Waiting to heal
    To be free
    Moving on with your life
    Without me

  4. Pillow talk

    He must have thought I was sleeping
    Curled against his chest
    He had been stroking my hair
    When I heard him say
    Half under his breath “You complete me.”

    I won’t tell him that I heard him
    As I was drifting off to sleep
    Unless the smiles I can’t hide
    Give me away


  5. Unsettled

    Lately I’ve been feeling
    Restless & uncertain
    Adrift in the world once again

    The shimmer of tears that never come
    Never fall - making it hard to breathe, to see

    Am I just exhausted after a year of living dangerously,
    of giving in to those hedonistic urges?
    Or is the fear that having walked away from safety & security
    that I will never have them again?

    I cannot change the past
    Today is murky & dark
    With brief flashes of bright sunlight
    The future is so uncertain
    that contemplation of the what-if’s
    and could-be’s cause more pain than anticipation.

    I know that this feeling is not permanent
    That once again things will be clear
    and the grey clouds will recede

    Until then the questions & uncertainty
    Leave me twisting, uncertain of the
    road I should travel.

  6. My first #SinfulSunday posting :-)

    It was our first Valentines & the first time I’d donned lingerie for him.

    “If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?” ~ Author Unknown.


  7. wholesomeaddictionlinks:

    that’s a stern teacher

    Ohhh — ideas :-)

  8. Best stress relief EVAH!!

  9. It’s the morning after a late night of dinner, movie & hanging with friends.